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PESCO helps producers achieve higher net-back prices by developing detailed and actionable plans that focus on the unique fundamentals associated with each of our customer’s individual businesses. PESCO analyzes the key variables that impact the value of producer’s field gas in its access to high-quality markets, such as:

  • Where is the gas located?
  • What are common constraints which must be planned around?
  • Which markets are most beneficial to maximize the overall value of the gas?

Further, PESCO allows our producer-partners to lock into fixed forward prices, thereby creating certainty in future cash flows and reducing the volatility that naturally comes along with energy markets. PESCO also negotiates on our partners behalf to obtain firm transportation on strategic interstate pipelines, enabling access to better priced markets. PESCO pays our producers on actual metered volumes (not on nominations or on estimated supply) thereby mitigating the concerns associated with low line pressures, freeze offs, and disruption of pipeline flow. PESCO keeps the customer’s needs in mind when structuring these solutions – and creates customized, thoughtful solutions for each of our partners.

  • Asset ManagementOpen or Close

    In many circumstances, PESCO acts as agent for producers who do not want to handle nominations, scheduling and balancing of volumes on individual pipelines. In these situations, PESCO handles this additional work and provide this service for them.

  • Transportation and StorageOpen or Close

    Focusing on the Appalachian Basin, Mid Atlantic and Southeast regions, the PESCO Energy Team brings experience and knowledge optimizing transport, balancing deliveries and managing storage for our customers including:

    1. Providing efficiently delivered low cost fuel supply
    2. Delivering reliably year round, including on peak demand days
    3. Optimizing available storage and pool balances
  • Structured Wholesale TransactionsOpen or Close

    The knowledge and experience of the PESCO Energy Team has allowed us to refine, present and manage complex transactions within the wholesale markets. Our structured products team combines solutions from the areas of price risk management, volume management, and logistics/delivery management to provide structured solutions to difficult supply problems. Our analytics team spends considerable time researching, creating, and stress testing models to provide integrated delivery solutions to challenging wholesale supply requirements.

  • Generation ServicesOpen or Close

    The PESCO Energy Team has over 20 years of experience helping electric generation companies achieve their optimal run-time strategies. We provide the necessary tools to achieve maximum value of natural gas fuel supply including:

    1. Daily volume flexibility
    2. Access to least cost production
    3. 24-hour operations for round-the-clock access
    4. Enhanced balancing services
    5. Reliable supply at multiple locations
    6. Fuel switch recommendations
  • Risk ManagementOpen or Close

    The PESCO Team is always ready to offer opportunities for businesses to mitigate their price risks. We provide the necessary tools to accomplish this by offering:

    1. Term and volume flexibility
    2. A diverse menu of pricing structures
    3. Fundamental market analysis
    4. Access to real-time pricing desk
    5. Fuel switching recommendations
  • Wholesale SupplyOpen or Close

    With an extensive network of producers, pipelines and supply optionality, PESCO can structure solutions that provide reliable and cost effective supply during periods of peak demand through the utilization of the natural gas transportation and storage assets that we control.

  • Retail SupplyOpen or Close

    We provide clear, accurate and timely billing along with a wide variety of supply and pricing options. From fixed to variable pricing our knowledge and expertise on hedging allows us to utilize our assets to better serve your business needs.

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